The Building Tradesman Newspaper

Any fast track deal should respect needs of people

Putting free trade agreements on a fast track is a top item on the agenda of the President and his corporate allies. Anyone who cares about our jobs, environment, food safety, and human rights has reason to be concerned. Because the kind of trade they're talking about isn't free - at least, not for working families. ..

Bush takes initial stand to help U.S. steel firms

More than a year ago, presidential candidate George W. Bush promised to "safeguard American markets against unfair practices like dumping." ..

Outage work helps to make cleaner-burning Campbell plant

The J.H. Campbell Generating Complex is operating a little cleaner and greener these days, as the building trades completed extensive environmental upgrades earlier this month at the plant's Unit No. 1 coal-burner. ..

Trades help offer a better menu at NMU

MARQUETTE - "Dorm food" - the barely palatable stuff indigestion is made of for many college students - won't be a problem at Northern Michigan University. ..

Trades, contractors are final piece in the puzzle to build expanded shelter

LACASA of Livingston County, a haven for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse, will have more room to do its good work, thanks in part to the timely generosity of building trades unions, contractors, and contractor associations. ..


Laborers strengthen organizing efforts  ..