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Republican filibusters kill jobs bill, jobless benefits, too

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Two separate Republican filibusters on June 24 and June 30 blocked extended jobless benefits for the nation’s unemployed, putting money for millions of jobless workers in limbo after the July 4 holiday. ..

Loss of benefits has an immediate affect on state jobless

LANSING – The Republican opposition which killed bills to extend federal jobless benefits on June 24, and again on June 30, will have immediate consequences to the nation’s – and Michigan’s – unemployed workers ..

Parking deck’s rooftop solar panels will bring power to the people

TRAVERSE CITY –A parking deck can have a use other than as a pre-cast concrete and metal shell used to park cars. ..

‘Most Yoopers tell me the best social program is a job’ U.P trades rally to support Eagle mine, other projects

MARQUETTE – The message presented by the Upper Peninsula Construction Council: Mining is part of Marquette County’s heritage and it can be done safely by those who live in the community. ..

Have we bottomed out? Signs point to more woe

Construction employment in Michigan didn’t have a good month from April to May, and the year-to-year numbers are even worse. ..