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Union value will lead trades’ road back to prosperity, BT chief declares

DETROIT – Doing things the right way and consistently giving the customer what he wants is slowly starting to pay off for building trades unions and their contractors. ..

The Sierra Club? Really? BT President McGarvey wants better admission policy for labor’s big tent

DETROIT – Historically, there have been disagreements, schisms and some bad breakups among unions and federations in the U.S. labor movement. ..

New engineering building a major upgrade for Oakland University

ROCHESTER – Currently under construction at Oakland University, a new Engineering Center will create a modern educational environment for students and staff, while the placement of the building itself is part of a plan to help create a denser central campus. ..

Appeals Court upholds right-to-work for state civil service workers

Michigan’s right-to-work law does apply to about 30,000 state employees, according to a state Court of Appeals ruling released Aug. 15. ..

Labor Day celebrated throughout Michigan

Communities around Michigan have embraced the original intent of Labor Day as more than a holiday that marks the end of summer. In that spirit, Labor Day events are scheduled around Michigan on Monday, Sept. 2. Make plans to celebrate Labor’s Day in your area.  ..

Unemployment agency officials add some clarity to benefits application form

This is reprinted from earlier this year, in an effort to help new jobless workers. ..

AFL-CIO seeks strategies to reverse labor movement’s losses

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer 

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Leaders of the AFL-CIO will ask delegates at its convention, scheduled Sept. 8-11 in Los Angeles, to enact a massive revamp of the labor movement, the federation’s Executive Council learned on July 24. ..

IBEW chief: union health care could ‘change dramatically’if ACA isn’t changed

This is the latest in a series of articles on the pending impact of the Affordable Care Act.

Trades revamp familiar building for new WMU medical school

KALAMAZOO – A building once associated with the city’s pharmaceutical heritage is being re-purposed for another medical-related endeavor. ..

Trades, coalition battle new utility deregulation effort

LANSING – Yet more proposed changes to Michigan’s energy policy threaten the construction of the proposed Thetford Plant, and throw into doubt all manner of pollution control work and other upgrades at Michigan’s power plants that employ building trades workers. ..