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Appeals court strikes down Michigan PLA law

CINCINNATI – A U.S. Court of Appeals panel overturned a lower court’s ruling on Sept. 6, and reinstated a Michigan law that bans state and local governments from entering into project labor agreements. ..

Weakened labor movement opens AFL-CIO to nonunion workers, groups, coalitions

By Mark Gruenberg

Trumka strongly defends including outside groups into labor movement

By Mark Gruenberg

Modern, efficient Jamrich Hall going up on NMU’s campus

MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University is highly confident that its new Jamrich Hall is going provide space that’s much more inviting and efficient than the Jamrich Hall that it will be replacing. ..

Supreme Court next stop for public unions in RTW case

LANSING – Unions representing more than 30,000 state workers continue to maintain that they are exempt from the state’s right-to-work law, and are appealing an Aug. 15 state Appeals Court decision that says otherwise.  ..

Indiana circuit judge tosses state right-to-work laws

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer


Mackinac Center ties itself into legal RTW knot to attack unions

At its core, Michigan’s new right-to-work laws covering public and private employees are fairly simple.  ..

Members-as-politicians could help organized labor get its mojo back

DETROIT – Politically, Michigan’s labor movement could use a plan to get out of the wilderness. ..

Michigan labor sees New Jersey political plan and say, why not here?

DETROIT – You don’t have to look too far back to see where all the anti-labor legislation in Michigan came from. Union household votes have been declining. ..

Pension plan patients growing healthier

Multiemployer pension plans such as those that cover the building trades are healthier since the depths of the Great Recession, but have a ways to go before they rebound to levels from five or six years ago.  ..