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Poll, perhaps, delivers RTW surprise for Michigan labor

Maybe the shock of Michigan becoming a right-to-work state has worn off. Maybe the law that allows free-riders to decline to pay union dues but enjoy the higher pay and benefits provided by collective bargaining hasn’t affected enough workers. ..

Snyder's pension tax hike, right-to-work support lead to lift in polling for Schauer

Four years ago, a pair of candidates who were largely unknown to most of Michigan ran for governor. The Democratic candidate, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, was trounced by Republican Rick Snyder, a venture capitalist and former Gateway Computer CEO. ..

'Turnout is a problem': Peters seeks to overcome voter apathy in Senate bid

Michigan’s open U.S. Senate seat was seen earlier this year by Republicans as a good, potential pickup for their party, with Terry Lynn Land seen as a solid candidate who was polling well. ..

Trades rehabilitate old bridge to open Camp Liberty to vets

BROOKLYN, MI – The Raisin River isn’t very wide or deep as it meanders through farmland a few miles northeast of this town in the Irish Hills in Jackson County. ..

OSHA tightens injury/fatality reporting rules

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Sept. 11 announced a final rule requiring employers to notify OSHA when an employee is killed on the job or suffers a work-related hospitalization, amputation or loss of an eye. ..

News Briefs

RTW push claims 5,000 in MEA ..

Labor Day, 2014: Workers urged not to 'stand still' on Election Day

DETROIT – The city’s Labor Day Parade, one of the largest in the country, once again assumed its traditional role as a stop for local and national politicos as the traditional kickoff point for fall campaigning. ..

Schauer for governor: When labor votes, 'we take back our state'

DETROIT – Mark Schauer told the Labor Day audience that he’s running for governor to “make a difference,” while pointing out the differences between himself and his opponent, Gov. Rick Snyder. ..

Peters for Senate: 'We need to fight for union rights'

DETROIT – It’s not difficult to see how Washington D.C. becomes like Lansing. ..

Biden to labor: 'this is not your father's Republican Party'

DETROIT – Politics is often in lockstep with the parades and picnics that take place here every year on Labor Day, and this year’s event was no different. ..