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‘Prevailing critical to Michigan’s public safety and economic development’

By Andy Meisner
Oakland County Treasurer ..

On deck: Labor Day events and activities

With summer still here but the end in sight, celebrating Labor Day becomes the next major date on the calendar. More than a barbecue or a final trip to the cottage, Labor Day is also a unique celebration of the contributions of working men and women - and localities around Michigan offer numerous events to express your support. Here is some of what's going on: ..

Support sought for new U.P. mining road

MARQUETTE - The federal Environmental Protection Agency's steadfast refusal to allow construction of a proposed 21-mile road that would connect the Eagle Mine with its ore processing facility at the Humboldt Mill is drawing fire - and a lawsuit - from local supporters. ..

Bikers support Breath of Life

A motorcycle rally held on Aug. 8 for the Breath of Life Foundation raised more than $10,000 to support research in mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. The Breath of Life Foundation is a charity established jointly by the Insulator Locals and Contractor Associations throughout the Midwest. Michigan based Insulators Locals 25, 47 and Abatement Workers Local 207 all participate in that Foundation and its fundraising activities. ..

Construction employment slows a bit, but is the best level since February 2009

Construction employment in July climbed to the highest level since February 2009, while the number of unemployed workers with construction experience shrank to a 14-year low, according to an Aug. 7 analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America. Association officials cautioned that the diminishing pool of available qualified labor may be having an impact on the industry's ability to meet growing demand. ..

Prevailing wage supporters raise voices

'Any so-called windfall savings would be short-lived at best.'
- Herb Spence III, owner, Spence Brothers ..

State AGC expresses support for workforce retention, prevailing wage

LANSING– The Associated General Contractors of Michigan (AGC) Labor Relations Division focused on the workforce challenges of apprentice recruitment, journeyman training, and workforce retention during its second annual Labor and Management Symposium on July 30.  ..

Construction expansion continues, with Michigan still leading the pack

Michigan steered around a bump in the road for U.S. construction between May and June this year, and - as it has for much of this year - continued to be an industry hotbed. ..

Cleaned, sealed, painted, tuck-pointed: Capitol Building ready to gleam again

LANSING - The Michigan State Capitol Building - perhaps the state's second-most iconic structure after the Mackinac Bridge - is getting some TLC from some skilled trades and contractors.


Right-to-work law upheld for public workers

LANSING - Legal efforts to overturn the state's right-to-work laws have just about run their course. ..