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GOP Legislature brings labor more irritation with dues deduction rule

LANSING - The state Legislature's flurry of lawmaking at the end of 2015 didn't have anything to do with addressing pressing needs that would make Michigan a better state, like seeing to the water system disaster in Flint or finding a way to get the roads fixed faster. ..

State House lowers electrical apprentice oversight ratio

LANSING - A long-time standard ratio for training in the state's electrical industry - one journeyman supervising one apprentice - is teed up to be the latest rule abolished by the Republican-controlled state Legislature. ..

High Court case a looming disaster for U.S. unions

By Mark Gruenberg
Press Associates

GM Paint Shop project wrapped up with flying colors

Local 370, other unions contribute to clean water in Flint

FLINT - Last fall, members and contractors affiliated with the United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 370 donated their time to install hundreds of home faucet filters in this city, whose water system has been contaminated by lead. ..

Flint water situation: 'What we're seeing here is a disaster'

FLINT - Building trades union volunteers from across the state - and across most of the union crafts - have been giving their time and talent to help provide relief to victims of the city's water system crisis. ..

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Plenty of room for better job numbers  ..

Winter may bring a chill to prevailing wage repeal petition drive

LANSING - For everyone who would like to witness a second failed petition effort to repeal the Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act of 1965, it's OK to hope for a long, cold winter.  ..

GOP, Snyder, toss out straight-ticket voting, invite more big money into state campaigns

Editor's note: IBEW Local 275 Business Manager Sean Egan, who is also president of the Kent-Ionia Labor Council, wrote this piece for the council in late December. It is updated to reflect that in early January, Gov. Rick Snyder signed the bill eliminating straight-ticket voting, then signed legislation that stops public entities from using funds to support their own millages within 60 days of the election, while opening up rules to allow more wealthy donors access to the political process.  ..

Democracy faces another hurdle in Michigan with anti-union, straight-ticket voting laws

By Steve Bieda (D)
State Senator, 9th District