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Election year another chance to advance for labor

Like people in the other 49 states, Michigan voters will go to the polls on Nov. 8 and likely the first thing on their mind is who gets their vote at the top of the ballot: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump for U.S. president. ..

Clinton in Toledo: 'We believe everyone should have the right to join a strong union that will always have your back'

By Mark Gruenberg ..

Little Caesars Arena: Hot 'N Getting Ready


NLRB legal chief: Let's define what makes a strike, a strike

When fast food workers walk off the job for an hour, and then do it again months later, are those brief strikes legally protected under labor law? How about when Wal-Mart workers take time off to campaign for a living wage – and let the company know in advance? ..

New sick leave rule to benefit millions

By Mark Gruenberg ..

News Briefs

Extensive renovation needed inside Capitol
Last year, masons, painters and sheet metal workers working under Christman Construction extensively renovated the exterior of the State of Michigan Capitol Building, making long-overdue repairs to the corroded dome, sandstone and other architectural elements. ..

Next idea for pension reform: Congress introduces new 'composite' plans

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The "Do-Nothing Congress" has generally earned its nickname over the past several years. But when it comes to throwing a lifeline to the nation's struggling pension plans, a few things are getting done. ..

No easy road for saving failing pension plans By Paul O. Catenacci, Esq. Novara Tesija PLLC

Editor's note: On May 6, 2016, a U.S. Treasury Department mediator rejected a huge proposed cut in retirement payouts for hundreds of thousands of workers tied to the woefully underfunded Teamsters Central States Pension Fund. The decision by mediator Kenneth Feinberg temporarily put a stop to plans to cut the fund's pension payouts ranging anywhere from the average of 23 percent all the way up to 90 percent.  ..

A.G. Scheutte signs on to lawsuit to remove overtime protections

LANSING –Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette (R) on Sept. 15 signed onto a lawsuit with 21 states to stop the Obama Administration’s new overtime rule, which would extend mandatory overtime pay to 100,000 Michigan workers. Schuette putting his name on the document was a move blasted by the Michigan AFL-CIO ..

Lofty perspective: new apartments rise above existing parking deck