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Infrastructure shortfall amounts to $4 billion per year in Michigan

LANSING - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's 21st Century Infrastructure Commission Report, released Dec. 4, highlights a state that is chronically underfunding and ignoring upkeep of its roads, bridges, water, sewer and electrical systems. ..

Major upgrades at Ann Arbor sewage plant near end of the line


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Labor Dept. appeals OT eligibility ruling ..

Michigan spikes to top, again, in construction employment

Michigan's construction employment picture in 2016 shows a decent year of work opportunities, punctuated by a few impressive spikes of hiring. ..

Use of CPR, on-site defibrillator bring tinknocker back to life


Q-Line's rails are all in; entire project is near the end of the line


Settlement reached in case against ABC's petition gathering firm

LANSING – The reason Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Act of 1965 is still in place today is simple: the Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan and their front group, Protecting Michigan Taxpayers, hired a firm in 2015 that conducted an incredibly incompetent petition drive intended to repeal the law. ..

Trump Administration, meet organized labor: mix of good, bad likely

By Mark Gruenberg ..

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Judge blocks new overtime rules