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Lobbying, get-out-the-vote, member education provide targets for union trades

'Let them know you deserve to be paid what you're worth' ..

Start spreading the word... Delegates, members urged to be ambassadors for Prevailing Wage Act

LANSING - Thwarting the ongoing effort to repeal Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act of 1965 - as well as educating union members and the general public about the benefits of law - were issues that were front and center March 8-9 at the 57th Legislative Conference hosted by the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council. ..

News Briefs

Worker wage theft targeted by Dems ..

Hockey arena takes shape with steel, pre-cast installation

State bills threaten mechanical licensing standards

LANSING - The folks at Vincent's Plumbing and Heating in Port Huron are pushing to fundamentally change decades of established, effective licensing regulations that govern the state's plumbing, electrical and heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries. ..

Hostile GOP assails Labor secretary over new worker rules

WASHINGTON (PAI)—While saying he wants to work with the Republican-run Congress during the last 10 months of his tenure, Obama Administration Labor Secretary Thomas Perez spent much of his time on March 16 defending his department’s worker protection rules against a hostile Republican reaction. ..

'Strong demand' pushes construction employment higher

All in all, Michigan can't complain too much about the state of the state's construction industry employment. The rest of the nation can't complain much, either. ..

'Working for the betterment of others': Labor continues work in Flint

Benefit fund set up for family of Kalamazoo murder victims Rich and Tyler Smith

Among the six people murdered in the shooting spree in Kalamazoo on Feb. 20 were Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 357 member Rich Smith, 53, and his 17-year-old son, Tyler. They were killed at 10:30 p.m. while car shopping in a dealer parking lot. ..

Annnd, action... good start for prevailing wage support effort

Petition gatherers have fanned out across Michigan, trying to collect 252,000 valid signatures in an effort to overturn the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act of 1965. ..