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Construction takes a dip to start 2017

U.S. construction spending got off on the wrong foot in 2017, falling one percent from December to January. But spending was up 3.1 percent compared to January 2016. ..

Senate GOP kills pro-worker recordkeeping rule

By Mark Gruenberg ..

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MDOT chief: roads will get worse  ..

Dems try to push for fixes to Unemployment Agency 'fraud' fiasco

LANSING - A package of bills that would restore lost income, fees and penalties to people falsely accused of unemployment insurance fraud was introduced last month by Democrats in the state Legislature. Republicans are looking at fixing the mess, too. ..

Doomed bill to bolster OSHA a reminder of the agency's importance

WASHINGTON (PAI)—It went nowhere in the prior, Republican-run Congress, but House Democrats who specialize in workers’ issues have reintroduced their bill to strengthen the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. ..

Our nation needs teeth in its labor law

By Mark Gruenberg ..

A win for nuclear science as FRIB nears construction hurdle

EAST LANSING - Civil construction of the most powerful rare isotope accelerator in the world is nearing substantial completion. ..

Price hikes hammering construction industry

The cost of materials and services used in the nation's construction industry rose markedly faster than the price of completed buildings, according to a new analysis of federal producer price data released Feb. 14 by the Associated General Contractors of America. ..

Insulators support Breath of Life Foundation

Construction workers have a big stake in the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. ..

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