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Michigan's boom is building - with fewer workers

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Prices rise for construction materials

The Associated General Contractors of America reported on June 13 that construction costs accelerated again in May, with steep increases for a wide range of building and road materials. ..

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Down goes the U.S. jobless rate ..

Michigan's prevailing wage law is repealed


Study can't find benefits after repeal of prevailing wage law in Indiana

(Editor's note: this was published earlier this year in The Building Tradesman. Now that Michigan's Republican lawmakers have followed the lead of their cohorts in Indiana and repealed the state's Prevailing Wage Act, it bears repeating to illustrate what is likely next for our state).

Ford brings new vitality to old hotel - and West Dearborn, too


Employment rate is great; but wages could use some juice


Cut Social Security benefits? Nah, let's expand them

By Monique Morrissey
Economic Policy Institute

Trades power Women's Empowerment Center


Under review: Supreme Court looks at petition circulators in prevailing wage repeal process