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ABC and GOP should get a room  ..

ABC says wage proposal isn't about wages. It's about wages.

The anti-union Associated Builders and Contractors call themselves an advocate for open shop contractors. As such, they rarely pass up the opportunity to lobby for legislation and regulations that keep workers’ wages low – and they’re at it again. ..

ABC to take Lansing prevailing wage case to Supreme Court

LANSING – With the majority of the Michigan Supreme Court justices being sympathetic to right-wing conservatives, it comes as no surprise that the anti-union Associated Builders and Contractors is bringing them their latest case against prevailing wage. ..

Today's lesson for ABC: How to get away with paying workers substandard wages

Building trades unions say black. The Associated Builders and Contractors say white. Trade unions are oil. The ABC is water. The sky is blue in the unionized world, but in the ABC's realm, we suspect it may be chartreuse. ..