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Carpenters break with AFL-CIO and building trades

The 350,000-member International Union of Carpenters and Joiners has withdrawn from the AFL-CIO, effective March 29. ..

Paltry GOP support helps sustain prevailing wage

LANSING - Prevailing wage continues to be one of the Republican Party's favorite whipping boys, but the state law is being saved by a few GOP members who haven't joined in the fray. ..

School's still out on school inspection legislation

Last summer we published a story under the headline, "school inspection bill finally makes the grade among state lawmakers." ..

Once the world's longest bridge, Ambassador now distinguished for its years of stately service

Notoriety surrounding the Ambassador Bridge was never so great as the day it opened to traffic on Nov. 11, 1929. ..

Want to improve industry's image? Ask the people who wear the hard hats

Tradesman Viewpoint ..

Bricklayers provide crash course so courses will be straight in Kosovo

What can you teach a layman about laying block in a four-hour crash course? ..


Some Republicans like project agreements  ..