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Building trades focus on politics, pensions and transportation bill

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Politics, pensions and the fate of the massive highway-mass transit bill captured the attention and the focus of 3,000 Building Trades delegates meeting in Washington. ..

Republicans, Bush provide pension relief - except to construction industry

WASHINGTON – Changes in federal law are on the way that will provide about $80 billion in relief in the form of lower contributions for all U.S. pension plans – except multi-employer plans mostly used by the U.S. construction industry. ..

Michigan may continue to be a reluctant donor of road money

Michigan, which is one of a number of states seeking to lose its status as a “donor” state for highway funding, will apparently have to get used to that status for a while longer. ..

New signs for start, end of road work zones close legal loophole

Michigan’s road work zones now have an official beginning, and ending, with legislation that went into effect April 8. ..

Construction union membership remains steady


Big, beautiful Saline High School nears completion

SALINE – If you wanted to put a headline over the new Saline High School building, it would be a little long but would go something like this: “It’s big, it’s beautiful, and five months before students will be roaming the halls, it’s 95 percent complete.” ..

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