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Insulators, contractors boost asbestosis research – but for how much longer?

DETROIT – The Breath of Life Foundation once again pitched in financially to help fund asbestos-related disease research at the Karmanos Cancer Institute. But time and funds are running short in the effort to keep the renowned institute’s treatment and research program up and running. ..

Tax season brings unwanted hits to Michigan working families, pensioners

(From the Michigan AFL-CIO) ..

More clarity on rules for getting jobless benefits

LANSING – The state’s Unemployment Agency has issued a clarification to a prior clarification for unemployed building trades union workers filling out jobless benefit forms. ..

Old steel towers stand tall to support rescue training

HOWELL – Steel tower sections from two shuttered auto plants that were ripe for the scrap heap have instead been recycled for use in a variety of construction industry training and urban and jobsite rescue exercises. ..

Permanent funding stalled for state road, bridge repairs

(By Marty Mulcahy, Managing Editor)

LANSING – Decades have passed since it became apparent that Michigan needs a sustainable, long-term funding plan to repair and maintain the state’s roads and bridges. ..

Right-to-work law is hardly a last gasp for unions in Michigan

(By Mike Thibault, President, Marquette County Labor Council) ..

Judge gives green light for lawsuit challenging RTW

A union-backed lawsuit challenging Michigan’s right-to-work law because it was passed in violation of state and federal open government laws can go on as scheduled, an Ingham County Circuit judge ruled April 3. ..