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Democrats propose inflation-adjusted hikes in jobless $; response: 'hell no!'

LANSING - With the state's economy starting to slow down, many workers are realizing that Unemployment Insurance ain't what it used to be. ..

Another study weighs in to bolster prevailing wage

Over the last three years, academic scholars have picked apart and analyzed prevailing wage laws in 14 states - and the same conclusions keep popping up time and time again. ..

Michigan's Hall of Justice takes shape

LANSING - Michigan's top justices will finally have a hall to call their own. ..

GARDE Award honors construction industry diversity

Seven finalists have been placed in competition for the Sixth Annual Gender and Race Diversification Excellence (GARDE) Awards sponsored by the Great Lakes Construction Alliance. ..

Benson Ford Research Center to showcase Henry's stuff

Henry Ford referred to written history as being "more or less bunk," but today's scholars still have tremendous interest in the 20th Century's greatest industrialist. ..

PLAs drive up costs? Bridge project points out myth vs. reality

The Wilson Bridge in Maryland has yet to be built - but already it is a symbol of some wrong-headed thinking about union-only project labor agreements (PLAs). ..

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Standard tightened for union recognition  ..