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ALEC’s name written all over rash of anti-union legislation in U.S.

“What is ALEC?” asked New York Times columnist Paul Krugman on March 25. “Despite claims that it’s nonpartisan, it’s very much a movement-conservative organization, funded by the usual suspects: the Kochs, Exxon Mobil, and so on. Unlike other such groups, however, it doesn’t just influence laws, it literally writes them, supplying fully drafted bills to state legislators. In Virginia, for example, more than 50 ALEC-written bills have been introduced, many almost word for word. And these bills often become law.” ..

ALEC’s dirty work deserves more exposure

By James Hoffa
Teamsters General President ..

ALEC example: Snyder signs law limiting asbestos exposure for success firms

LANSING – Gov. Rick Snyder so far has not passed up any opportunity to sign Republican legislation aimed at limiting workers’ bargaining rights, benefits, income or legal standing. ..

Appealing power plant seen as asset to Lansing’s REO Town

LANSING – It may be hard to believe that a new power plant can be plunked down amid residences and business – and be welcomed by the neighbors as an asset to the community. ..

Next stop: renovation for old train depot

LANSING – Freight trains regularly rumble by the former Grand Trunk Western Depot these days. So does the Amtrak Blue Water passenger train, but it now stops in East Lansing. ..


‘Facebook for union members’ Union Circle website launched

(Submitted by Union ..