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Union leaders hail passage of health care overhaul

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Union leaders hailed the final passage of the health care overhaul, but AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka warned the fight isn’t over yet. ..

New health care law offers good and bad, but much of the same

The health care revision is law, though implementation will take quite a while.  We still think that it lacks meaningful cost controls –  except for a commission that could ride herd on insurance company premium hikes – and that the 40% excise tax on the value of present insurance above a minimum of $27,500 per family (the so-called Cadillac plans) was the last straw. ..

Solution for WSU’s Chemistry Department: Renovate labs, add more space, too

DETROIT – While the world of science has expanded its knowledge base just a little since the 1960s, facilities and infrastructure at Wayne State University’s Chemistry Building have changed very little in the last four decades. ..

Bankers hold construction industry hostage

Not a week goes by where I am not approached by a consortium or an individual corporation that has concrete plans for the construction of some type of major facility here in the United States. In recent weeks, most of these proposals have centered on the construction of energy-related facilities (both traditional and renewable). But, there have been many proposed manufacturing facilities as well. And let me assure you, these are not “fly-by-night” organizations, either. These are stable companies and, in many instances, reputable household names. ..

‘Don’t take the simple things for granted’ Ashley improving, gets to go home

This has been a horrible year for Ashley Yost, but it’s starting to turn the corner. ..

OSHA warns 15,000 firms about Job health, safety problems

WASHINGTON (PAI)–The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has warned 15,000 firms nationwide that their job safety and health records are bad enough to warrant closer federal scrutiny — and it’s offering compliance help. ..