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First take finds new overtime rules are probably more bark than bite for most workers

New overtime guidelines for American workers were issued and approved on April 20 by the federal government – and the final rules probably aren’t quite as bad as Democrats and organized labor expected them to be. ..

Plan to help nation's pensions doesn't spell relief for trades

Congress provided relief to thousands of cash-strapped U.S. pension programs earlier this month, by approving accounting changes that will allow many retirement plans to change the way liabilities are computed. ..

Multi-employer pensions are healthy, but warnings are raised for long-term

One of the best benefits afforded to the nation’s unionized construction workers is their defined benefit pension that awaits them in their retirement. ..

PLA helps construct latest generation of jail in St. Clair County

PORT HURON TWP. – In just about any Western movie – or in fictional Mayberry, North Carolina – the jail cells are usually made up of brick walls with iron bars on the front, and the sheriff’s desk isn’t far away so he can see what the bad guys are up to. ..

Building trades advance fight to strengthen apprenticeship

The AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Department has filed a formal petition for rulemaking requesting U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao to establish specific graduation requirements by craft for construction apprenticeship programs. ..

There's more to Wal Mart than meets the eye

There is no good reason to spend even one hard-earned dollar at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. Most union members know that this company does not deserve your business and your shopping trip won’t benefit the workers or the community. ..

Trades build partner span to no-name historic bridge

A relatively small but important portion of the state’s billion-dollars-plus in highway expenditures this year will fund the replacement of an historic bridge near Hale in Iosco County. ..

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