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'An absolute disaster' Prevailing wage repeal would hurt industry, exec says

LANSING - Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act of 1965 - which is at dire risk of being repealed as early as May by an ultra-conservative state Legislature - has its proponents among major construction contractors and Republican lawmakers. And two of them spoke of their support for the law at the 56th Legislative Conference of the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council.  ..

Are pension benefit cuts likely in Michigan? 'The answer, honestly, is 'no,'" - funds attorney

LANSING - A dysfunctional Congress that deservedly got the lowest performance marks in history last year did do a few things at the very end – it passed a union-approved change to a law governing multiemployer pension plans. ..

Same 'Nuts, new shell... Trades upgrade Lugnuts' Stadium

Affordable Care Act gets little love from building trades funds

LANSING - Building trades unions and the rest of organized labor have mostly supported the Affordable Care Act, on the theory that it's a good thing for more Americans to get access to health insurance. ..

Obama's veto will stop (anti-) union election rule

WASHINGTON (PAI)—National Labor Relations Board Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce stepped up to defend his embattled agency, as the Republican-run House followed the GOP-controlled Senate’s lead and passed legislation overturning the board’s more modern and modest changes in union election representation rules.  The House vote was 232-186, with three Republicans joining all the Democrats in defending the board.  ..

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Big leap for state's construction jobs ..