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Election Year 2002: November ballot features Granholm vs. Postuhumus, other important races

A contentious primary among a field of strong candidates race for governor brought forth Jennifer Granholm, who easily won the Democratic nomination on Aug. 6. ..

Labor Day 2002 celebrations scheduled

On Monday, Sept. 2, make plans to attend Labor Day celebrations in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Marquette and Muskegon. ..

Congress gives final OK to Fast Track

WASHINGTON (PAI) - Congress yielded to pressure from the business community and the Bush Administration and gave final approval to fast-track trade authority for the president. ..

Greatest challenge to installing new pollution controls at Monroe Power Plant is the plant itself

MONROE - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's nationwide drive to reduce fossil fuel power plant emissions has brought about a remarkably complex and costly engineering and construction project that will make for a cleaner-burning and greener Monroe Power Plant. ..

Save-a-Life Club invites you to join

By Susan Carter
MCTSI Executive Director

Another busy season for road work(ers)



Nation's electric grid under strain
Five years ago, the U.S. electrical generation industry was straining to keep up with ever-increasing demand. ..