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Pipe trades unveil new Great Lakes training facility

YPSILANTI - The 50-year anniversary of the week-long United Association of Plumbers, Pipe Fitters and Sprinkler Fitters Instructor Program coincided with another major milestone: the dedication of the UA's new Regional Training Facility. ..

'Union by choice' - Labor celebrates its day on Sept. 1

Union members across Michigan are urged to make plans to attend Labor Day celebrations on Monday, Sept. 1. ..

'Our mission has been the protection of the worker'

The approach of Labor Day - a holiday that celebrates the contributions of the American worker - offers us the opportunity to take a quick look back at the founding of the cornerstone of the largest union organization in the U.S., the American Federation Labor - Council of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). ..

New rail tunnel on the right track with union commitment

Union groups showed they were all aboard a $400 million plan to convert an existing pair of railway tunnels under the Detroit River to hold truck traffic, while building a new tunnel to carry rail traffic. ..

AFL-CIO further delays action vs. Carpenters

The AFL-CIO has decided to "indefinitely" delay punitive action against the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners (UBC), which stopped paying dues to the labor federation in 2001. ..

Michigan due for whopper construction worker shortage, demographer claims

By and large, Hardhats are highly skeptical of claims that there are, or will be, shortages of construction workers. ..


Study: Union trades more productive
Construction projects that use union labor are 17 percent more productive than those that use nonunion labor, a new study has found. ..