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The Employee Free Choice Act

Don't fall for the big lie about labor's top priority ..

Wanted: a president who wants government to work for U.S. workers

By Mark Ayers

Think Ford's first: Masons renovate façade at Ford's Piquette plant

In many areas of the old Ford Piquette plant you still see and smell the oil that workers who built Henry Ford's first cars spilled onto the maple floor years ago. The exposed massive pine timber support columns are original, as is the sprinkler system suspended from the ceilings. ..

Goodbye summer, hello Labor Day - Events slated in three communities

August is starting to fade and a new school year is looming - that can only mean one thing. Well, it probably means any number of things, but for our purposes, it means Labor Day is upon us. ..

Bigger Troy-Beaumont in the works

TROY - A local brickyard makes a "Beaumont Brick" so that any new Beaumont Hospital renovation, expansion or satellite facility will match the look of the original building in Royal Oak. ..

Trade deficit with China a U.S. jobs killer

WASHINGTON (PAI) - China's trade surplus with the U.S., created by undervalued currency, low pay for Chinese workers and a deliberate drive for industrial exports, has cost the U.S. economy almost 2.3 million jobs from 2001 through 2007, says an Economic Policy Institute study. ..

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