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'Monster labor festival' suggested, came to pass at 1st Labor Day celebration

How did Labor Day begin? ..

On deck: Labor Day events and activities

With the sun setting on another summer, Labor Day is making its annual melancholy appearance on the calendar. There’s still time to support each other and the institution of organized labor, with numerous Labor Day weekend events going on around Michigan. Here is some of what’s going on: ..

The Pullman Strike: 'President Cleveland seized the chance at conciliation, and Labor Day was born'

Conceived by America’s labor unions as a testament to their cause, the legislation sanctioning the Labor Day holiday was shepherded through Congress amid labor unrest and signed by President Grover Cleveland as a reluctant election-year compromise. ..

Livingston County bans prevailing wage on its building work

The Livingston County Board of Commissioners voted 5-4 on Aug. 4 to “not require prevailing wage” on county-funded construction projects. ..

For all the marble: trades restore historic lighthouse's exterior

DETROIT – There are at least 115 lighthouses in the State of Michigan, many of them continuing to provide a visible navigational aid to Great Lakes mariners, and in many cases, a fun waterfront destination for vacationers. ..

Waiting, waiting, for multiemployer pension reform

(Editor’s note: this is yet another article on the funding crisis involving multiemployer pension plans, which cover all over the building trades unions). ..

More of the same, with slow growth for construction

Michigan gained 4,300 construction jobs from July 2013 to July 2014, another ho-hum increase that reflects a national trend of painfully slow but generally steady upward monthly increases in employment. ..

So far, I-96 repair a smooth operation

LIVONIA – The I-96 Fix is in the mix. ..

News Briefs

U.S. construction up 4 percent this year ..

Social Security, Medicare funds are holding up nicely, but here come the Boomers

America’s two largest entitlement programs, Medicare and Social Security, are in fairly good financial shape in the near-term. But long-term, not much has changed: the nation’s aging population is going to wreak havoc on the programs without funding increases or benefit reductions. ..