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Origins of Labor Day, 8-hour day, credited to N.Y. carpenter


Mark your calendar: Celebrate Labor Day

Communities around Michigan have embraced the original intent of Labor Day as more than a holiday that marks the end of summer. ..

Labor-friendly ballot question to end up before unfriendly Michigan Supreme Court

LANSING – With football season starting, perhaps it’s appropriate the Protect Our Jobs/Protect Working Families proposal has been kicked around the state government and the courts. ..

Busy summer for trades as they expand, renovate St. Johns H.S.

ST. JOHNS – This has been anything but a quiet, sleepy summer around St. John’s High School. ..

U.S. Aussie pipe trades forge link to exchange skills, job opportunities

ANN ARBOR – The United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters (UA), North America, and the Plumbing Trades Employees Union (PTEU), Australia, signed an affiliation agreement on Aug. 15 to implement joint skills training and employment initiatives in the U.S., Canada and Australia. ..

Choice for president offers a stark contrast


Ryan-Romney economic plan ‘marvelous’ – maybe for the rich

Mitt Romney hasn’t provided details so we should be grateful he’s selected as vice president, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, a man with a detailed plan Romney says is “marvelous,” “bold and exciting,” “excellent,” “much needed,” and “consistent with” what he’s put out. ..