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Employment numbers continue to be a downer

Michigan, once again, leads the nation in total unemployment (15.2 percent) according to federal Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers released July 17. (No state since West Virginia in 1984 had topped 15 percent unemployment). ..

First half of 2009 shows immense drop in construction activity

Overall U.S. construction activity in the 12 months leading up to June 2009 dropped 27 percent compared to the same period through June 2008, according to a July 21 report by McGraw-Hill Construction. ..

Much, much better working space set for the A2 Municipal Center

ANN ARBOR - A few things have changed in the law enforcement and justice system since the building now housing the city's police and courts was built in 1963. ..

Businesses with house in order 'have nothing to fear' from EFCA

In a recent edition of Newsweek, a small business owner named Kevin Kelly opined that our nation would, indeed, be better off if we were devoid of any and all labor unions. Mr. Kelly made this point in reference to his contention that the proposed “Employee Free Choice Act” would cripple American small businesses – in his words, “the backbone of the American economy.” In both instances, Mr. Kelly is flat wrong. ..

Obama supporting, not yet pushing, Employee Free Choice Act

(PAI) – Top union leaders, headed by AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney and Change To Win Chair Anna Burger, discussed health care and the Employee Free Choice Act in a 45-minute closed-door meeting with Democratic President Barack Obama on July 13. ..

Solis to unionists: go out to push for Employee Free Choice Act

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is telling unionists they will have to go out and push for the Employee Free Choice Act, but with a promise of verbal support from the Obama administration. ..

Scrubbers, SCRs will further clean the air at Detroit Edison's Monroe Power Plant

MONROE – Detroit Edison has reached a milestone in a decade-long project to install state-of-the-art emissions control equipment at its Monroe Power Plant. The first of two flue-gas desulfurization systems – commonly known as scrubbers – recently was put into service. The second scrubber is scheduled to go into operation in October. ..