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Pro-worker themes Mark Kerry speech before Democrats

BOSTON (PAI) – Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry included a wide range of pro-worker and pro-middle class themes in his July 29 speech accepting his party’s nomination. ..

Bush's new OT rules ready to reclassify workers, reduce pay

If you believe Bush officials, his Labor Department’s new overtime regulations are “fair-pay rules” that “strengthen overtime protections.” ..

Poof! You're an executive! Now take a cut in pay

Most workers who will lose money under the new Bush overtime provisions will at least get a new title. ..

Get ready for Labor Day, 2004

Although it’s never pleasant talking about the end of summer in Michigan, we will make an exception because it is traditionally marked by Labor Day, which is only one month away. ..

Undergrad Science Building goes up on dense, immense Palmer Drive

ANN ARBOR – The building trades and construction manager Barton Malow are helping the University of Michigan fill in one of the few open places remaining on its sprawling campus, with the ongoing construction of the Undergraduate Science Building providing another piece in the puzzle. ..

Clearly, you can help improve Michigan's electrical deregulation law

Michigan’s electrical industry CLEAR Coalition – which includes the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council – is looking for a boost from the public. ..

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