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Unions, employers push for relaxed pension rules

Following this fall's calamity in the money markets, as well as the loss of construction man-hours brought on by the declining economy, multi-employer pension plans that serve building trades unions aren't looking for a financial bailout - but they are looking for a change in federal rules to keep them out of a deeper funding hole. ..

Why rescue Big Three?: 'Cascade of financial damage' awaits with failure of rescue

By Thomas I. Palley
Special to Press Associates

Trades help Fort-Shelby Hotel make an unlikely comeback

DETROIT - It's not as grand as the recently opened Westin Book-Cadillac a few blocks away, nor is it modern and flashy like the city's three new casino hotels. ..

Smooth journey for giant Marathon coker drums

DETROIT - One of the first major tasks associated with the Marathon Petroleum Co.'s Heavy Oil Upgrade Project (HUOP) was the installation of a pair of "coker drums." ..

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