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Right to work law fouls Michigan ‘This legislation is petty and vindictive politics at its most disgusting’

LANSING – Michigan…a right-to-work state? ..

Snyder lays waste to a law he doesn't grasp


Don’t be fooled, Michigan: ‘right to work’ is just plain wrong

Michigan’s Republican-controlled House and Senate forced through “right-to-work” legislation on Dec. 6, making the Great Lakes State the latest battleground over worker rights. The move, of course, comes after recent GOP-led anti-union measures were passed in Wisconsin and Indiana. Michigan stands to join 23 other states with RTW laws, which make it illegal for collective bargaining agreements to require nonunion employees to pay fees (even though these nonunion employees get all of the same benefits as their unionized peers under negotiated contracts). ..

A bare-knuckle blast from One Brutal Nerd

He’s the definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. ..

RTW in Michigan: They said it:

Following are comments from state and national pundits on Michigan’s historic status as the nation’s latest – and unlikeliest – right-to-work state. ..