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Wage standards upheld -- at least for this year

LANSING - The building trades and other working class people dodged three more bullets in the state legislature last week, avoiding some pretty major legislation that would have prevented municipalities from passing or enforcing "living wage" and prevailing wage ordinances. ..

Sanitation standard moves slowly, but now, not-so-surely


Union movers picket

OPERATING ENGINEERS Local 324 members picketed Canadian Machinery Movers on Nov. 30 and will continue to confront the company for paying substandard wages and benefits. Companies that don't pay standard wages and benefits of course diminishes their employees' ability to make a living, but such policies lowers the bar and drag down the standard of living for all workers. "We'll keep after them," said Local 324 President John Hamilton. "We will not give up because this is a problem that affects each and every one of us." ..