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'Supreme Court hears arguments: Can ABC bring lawsuit to overturn prevailing wage?

LANSING - No one ever accused the anti-union Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of being impatient, or unwilling to pay hefty legal bills, when it comes to the effort to rescind Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act. ..

Masons to put a handsome new face on old Beaubien House

With a few nip and tuck points where needed, new mortar, as well as a vigorous cleaning, a facelift on the exterior brick of one of Detroit's oldest homes - the Beaubien House - will soon have it looking as good as it did when it was constructed in 1851. ..

Jobs faucet turns off at Water Works Park

You work hard, you do some nice work, then you bury what you've done. ..

Recipes for revitalizing labor leave out key ingredient: members


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Lawmakers warn of pension problems
WASHINGTON (PAI) – The federal agency that guarantees at least partial payment of traditional pensions when workers’ firms go broke is heading for the financial rocks unless Congress does something about it, two lawmakers warn. ..