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State Supreme Court OK’s new pension tax; pays for business tax cuts

LANSING – Gov. Rick Snyder’s new plan to tax the pensions of private and public workers does not violate the state constitution and may proceed, according to a Nov. 18 ruling by a divided Michigan Supreme Court. ..

Workers comp revision doesn’t work for Michigan’s workers


Capturing coal dust makes for cleaner Presque Isle plant

MARQUETTE – Wisconsin Energies imports about 1.6 million tons of coal every year at its Presque Isle Power Plant – but not quite all of it has made it to the plant’s boilers to be burned. ..

IBEW-NECA energize restoration at Veterans Park

MUSKEGON – Veteran’s Memorial Park has a long and rich history since it was first established Nov. 11, 1934 as a major landmark.  When the park was created it was known as “Michigan’s Most Beautiful Mile.” ..

Tepid outlook for construction, rest of economy in ‘12

ANN ARBOR – Painstakingly “moderate” employment and economic growth will take place in Michigan and across the nation in 2012 and 2013, as the emergence from the Great Recession will continue to be slower than most economic recoveries in U.S. history, a University of Michigan forecast said last month. ..

Michigan’s construction employment takes a big hit

The fickle finger pointing out trends in construction employment gave a thumbs down to Michigan in October, as our state was among the biggest month-to-month losers in jobs. But solid gains in construction employment for Michigan in October 2011 compared to October 2010 places us 10th among the states. ..