The Building Tradesman Newspaper

New hygiene standard for construction: still plugged up, but not forgotten

WASHINGTON - All too often, construction workers are forced to live with deplorable sanitary conditions when nature calls. ..

New chief brings new plan of business to OSHA

Some of the first public comments from new OSHA Director John Henshaw about the direction of the agency concerned "the value of human capital," and the "value of safety and health."  ..

Fountain Walk development spouts variety of new shops

Just when you thought retail and entertainment developers had run out of ways to invite you to spend your money, along comes Fountain Walk in Novi. ..

Will low wages in Louisiana lead to union resurgence?

Edward Steimel said that shortsighted industries in Louisiana have underpaid construction workers so much that they "are creating a climate for a return of unions. Unions are a very normal and proper response when workers are provided unfair wages, benefits and working conditions." ..

Feds release down payment for new Soo Lock

The federal government has approved the first $3 million to start construction of a new lock through the St. Mary's River in Sault Ste. Marie. The total construction cost is expected to be $225 million. ..

World Trade Center site: 'very dangerous'

A health and safety report for rescue and clean-up personnel at the World Trade Center reveals a site that has been astoundingly hazardous to workers. ..


Jewelry drawing to aid needy kids  ..