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New life for Wolverine plant ..

Lower trend welcome for Michigan’s construction fatality rate

LANSING – There aren’t too many positive employment trends in Michigan’s construction industry. But there is some very good news in one area. ..

2011 construction forecast: Waiting time for industry’s turnaround maybe another year

A better year in 2011, but that’s not saying much. ..

Slowly, Michigan sees rise in construction employment

Michigan is slowly, agonizingly, seeing an increase in month-to-month construction employment. ..

Good upkeep brings smooth ride for Penobscot’s elevators


MSU cyclotron job a forerunner of massive FRIB construction

EAST LANSING – With all types of delayed infrastructure work needing to be addressed, and with a growing list of new construction projects on its to-do list, Michigan State University is embarking on a major construction initiative that’s just the ticket for construction workers and contractors looking for employment. ..