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Supreme Court to take up RTW appeal for Michigan's public workers

LANSING – The Michigan Supreme Court on Jan. 30 agreed to hear testimony on whether public employees are covered by a state’s right-to-work law which was adopted in December 2012. ..

Unemployment benefits extension gets stomped again by Senate GOP

WASHINGTON – Another effort to revive benefits for long-term unemployed Americans failed in the U.S. Senate on Feb. 6, with a successful Republican-backed filibuster. ..

Labor lauds speedier union election rules while GOP, business groups seethe

WASHINGTON (PAI)—By a 3-2 party line vote on Feb. 4, the National Labor Relations Board proposed rules to change union election procedures, making elections less liable to delay and more transparent.  Union leaders welcomed the NLRB’s proposals.  The Right Wing House GOP and the National Retail Federation screamed. ..

Consumers Energy to shelve Thetford Plant

Consumers Energy announced Jan. 30 that it has placed an indefinite hold on construction of a proposed 700-megawatt natural gas-fired generating plant in Thetford Twp. near Flint. ..

Read all about it: Flint Journal Building re-purposed for MSU

IBEW Local 131's Buskirk seeks state House seat

KALAMAZOO – “Let’s stop talking about electing people who support organized labor. Let’s start talking about electing me, because I am organized labor.” ..

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Higher contracts in construction ..