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Needs of Working Families Top Democratic Agenda

WASHINGTON D.C. - Members of the 107th Congress sworn in to office in early January face many new challenges and unique opportunities as they set out to get the people's work done. Topping the Democratic agenda is unfinished businessfrom the last Congress that working families care deeply about:  ..

Cross the t's, dot the i's before crossing Michigan's Workers Comp panelists

John Engler's men have done it again. ..

Water Works Park II features new technology in an old setting

Hardhats and a host of contractors are in the process of making a change that will be near and dear to the health and safety of millions of Metro Detroiters - a massive overhaul to the nerve center of the water delivery system. ..

Fitter crusades against GHB, which killed her daughter

GHB has been touted as a sleep aid. It is purported to be a safe alternative to steroids for bodybuilders. It is said to improve sexual function. ..

Number of union construction workers takes a dip in 2000

Reflecting the overall trend in organized labor, the percentage of construction workers represented by unions declined in 2000 to 19.0 percent, down from 19.6 percent in 1999. ..

Bush places steel erection standard on the shelf

The new federal steel erection standard we mentioned in our last issue, expected to save an estimated 30 lives, prevent 1,142 injuries per year and save $40 million, has been set aside by the Bush Administration. ..


Union-only agreements at risk  ..