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GOP on House panel approve anti-union legislation package

LANSING – The Republican steamroller against the state’s unions continued to be unstoppable last month, as a four-bill package designed to further reduce the clout of organized labor passed a House committee on Jan. 31. ..

Low trend for Michigan’s construction fatality, injury rates

LANSING – The trend of lower construction workplace fatalities in Michigan seems to be taking hold. ..

Bay City overturns prevailing wage law

BAY CITY – The city’s prevailing wage law was repealed Feb. 6, on a 5-4 vote by a City Commission whose majority bared its conservative fangs and then bit into the region’s construction workers. ..

Trades nearly done planting Michigan’s largest wind farm

BRECKENRIDGE – The completion this month of Michigan’s largest wind farm puts a feather in the caps of Aristeo Construction and the building trades, while radically changing the face of the rural landscape around here. Construction was expected to wrap up in mid-February on the erection of 133 GE wind turbines, each capable of delivering 1.6 megawatts of power. The windmills are spread out on 30,000 acres in Gratiot County, about 20 miles west of Saginaw. It’s the largest wind farm in Michigan. ..

Union membership gains a bit, but share is at historic low

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Unions gained a net of 49,000 members nationwide in 2011 over 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported January 27. The BLS said the union share of the U.S. workforce slipped slightly, down 0.1 percent – but was “essentially unchanged” – at 11.8 percent. ..

Indiana GOP embraces right-to-work

INDIANAPOLIS (PAI) – Indiana, thanks to its Radical Right GOP legislature and flip-flopping GOP Gov. Mitch Daniels, became the nation’s 23rd “Right to Work” state – and the first in the Great Lakes region – on Feb. 1.  Union leaders blasted the legislation, and predicted it’ll boomerang at the ballot box this fall. ..

New control tower looms over TC airport

TRAVERSE CITY – A new 150-foot-tall control tower under construction at Cherry Capital Airport will help improve the view of air traffic controllers, while replacing a shorter, aging and outdated tower. ..


1% rise for Michigan construction in 2011  ..