The Building Tradesman Newspaper

It will take some extra effort to vote for president

Voting in this year's Democratic presidential primary probably won't be as easy as you may think. ..

Rail trestle goes down in history

MARQUETTE - A landmark? Definitely. An important historic structure? Possibly. An eyesore? Some people thought so, including five members of the City Commission. ..

Flint Engine South Plant's safety record: outstanding

FLINT - Construction of the new GM Flint Engine South Plant has a remarkable safety record of no lost time over 490,000 hours worked and only two recorded minor injuries through December 1999. ..

State surplus: How should we spend it?


Makeup comes off U-M Stadium

ANN ARBOR - Frank Lloyd Wright once said that "a physician can bury his mistakes. All an architect can do is plant vines." ..

'If you work union you have a future'

Young people who might be receptive to wearing steel-toed boots and a hard hat to work converged on Macomb Community College Feb. 8 to learn a little about what building trades workers do for a living. ..