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Trades counter prevailing wage repeal effort with phone banks, face time

LANSING - It's widely known that the effort to repeal Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act of 1965 via a petition drive has been bolstered by organizers like the anti-union Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan and contributions from billionaire backers like the DeVos family of Grand Rapids. ..

High road or low road? New prevailing wage study finds repeal lane is filled with pitfalls

One of the most comprehensive academic studies of the economic, social and project cost impacts related to state prevailing wage laws was released Feb. 9, and the results might cause proponents of repealing Michigan's law to think twice about their ongoing petition effort. ..

Scalia's death thwarts 'conservative legal attack' on public sector unions

WASHINGTON D.C. - Just when it looked like the Supreme Court was set to allow right-to-work for virtually all U.S. public sector workers, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia died. ..

Trades burnish old cigar factory for new use by the Lear Corp.

DETROIT - The Capitol Park district in Detroit is a bit off the beaten track in downtown Detroit, but the area has a tremendous collection of historic buildings that are currently being renovated and re-purposed. ..

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No endorsement for prez from AFL-CIO ..