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'Absolutely' - Snyder still embraces right to work

Gov. Rick Snyder said he has no regrets in signing off on two laws that introduced right-to-work for both public and private workers, and he was asked if Michigan is better off being a right-to-work state. ..

Unions: outside political pressure leads to narrow UAW loss in Chattanooga vote

(By Mark Gruenber, PAI Staff Writer) ..

'We don't want to taint the water' - Union haters rise as UAW loses VW vote

Maybe the UAW didn’t try hard enough to win community support in Chattanooga. Maybe the VW workers felt they were being treated well without a union. Maybe pressure from local politicians swung the workers’ vote against the union. ..

Old, new are blended to create WSU Biomedical building

DETROIT — Placing a new biomedical research facility into a former car dealership might be the ultimate example of “adaptive reuse” of an old building. ..

We're No. 50! Anti-tax ideologues put kibosh on new money for road work

In Michigan, what will come of the mash-up of brutal winter weather, growing public outrage over yawning potholes, desperately needed long-term road repair funding, a $1 billion state budget surplus in 2014 and election year politics? ..

Electrician honored for lifesaving effort

FLINT – In recent years, medical studies have questioned the effectiveness of CPR, placing its success rate at as low as 2 percent and only as high as 20 percent. ..

Proposals to raise minimum wage spins wheels in Michigan, D.C.

A minimum wage hike might happen in Michigan, it might happen in Congress, and it might not happen at all. ..

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Construction starts the year off wrong ..