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Michigan construction still seeking traction



MSU’s FRIB gets wait and see approach

Michigan State University isn’t fretting the future of the FRIB – yet. ..

President’s pipeline decision riles building trades

Obama said the controversial project could not be constructed as planned by its sponsor, TransCanada, because it would endanger a valuable underground aquifer in Nebraska.  He said TransCanada could apply again once it worked out a new route around the aquifer, and the company said it would do so. ..

Downstairs, upstairs…Trades, contractors team up to dismantle, re-erect tower


VA, trades to turn up the steam


U.S. building activity stumbles in 2011

The year-end 2011 report was released Jan. 23, and revealed that new U.S. construction starts fell 3 percent in the month of December, and overall in 2011 slipped 2 percent to $421.4 billion in spending compared to 2010. That’s after U.S. construction starts gained 1 percent in 2010 over 2009. ..