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Construction fatalities level in 2003, but more safety inspectors added

There were 24 construction worker fatalities in Michigan in 2003 – the same number as in 2002. ..

Pressure from Bush ends overtime for 8 million Americans

The U.S. Senate caved in to pressure from President George W. Bush and approved his plan to cut U.S. workers’ overtime pay on Jan. 22. ..

To pour salt into workers' wounds, Bush issues ideas for keeping pay low

If you think it’s bad enough that President Bush has put the screws to American workers by ramming through a plan that substitutes comp time for overtime… whoops, he did it again. ..

Trades return to Karn-Weadock for 'major, major modifications' By Marty Mulcahy Editor

ESSEXVILLE – The building trades have once again returned in droves to the Consumers Energy’s Karn-Weadock Generating Complex, this time taking part in an 86-day facility shutdown that will encompass the most extensive renovation project in the plant’s history. ..

Responsible contracting seen as a 'building block' for unions, contractors

LANSING – One of the most potentially lucrative building markets in Michigan – new school construction and renovation – is getting wider attention from building trades unions and their contractors. ..

How you can help stop potholes and employ Hardhats

LANSING -Michigan is in the unenviable position of being a “donor” state when it comes to funding for federal transportation spending on our state’s highways. That means we send more than we receive in tax dollars to lawmakers Washington, D.C. for funding road repairs. ..

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