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GOP obstruction puts federal jobless benefits extension on life support in Congress

WASHINGTON (PAI)—With 72,000 more unemployed workers losing their jobless benefits every week, organized labor and its civic, religious and congressional Democratic allies turned to public pressure to push resurrection of the benefits through a hostile GOP majority in the U.S. House. ..

No class: a court just gutted workers' right to sue their boss

(By Craig Becker) ..

No new life in Appeals Court for Michigan's PLA law

CINCINNATI – The full U.S. Court of Appeals has refused to reconsider a previous ruling by one of their three-judge panels, which essentially upheld a Michigan law that bans state and local governments from entering into project labor agreements. ..

Nice time for auto show setup

U.S. construction continues upward slog

U.S. construction employment grew 2.1 percent during 2013, adding 122,000 jobs from a year earlier, says a Jan. 10 report by the Associated General Contractors of America. ..

Quick work saves iconic church steeple