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Maybe Michigan has bottomed out?

Michigan’s battered and bruised construction industry may not be ready for a roaring comeback, but will this be the year that shows we’re finally on the road to recovery? The signs point to… maybe. ..

Michigan Republicans waste no time introducing right-to-work

The Republican-dominated Michigan Legislature couldn’t wait to get started bashing the state’s unions. ..

Committee name changed to curb ‘culture of union favoritism.’ And this culture is...where?

(By Mark Ayers, President, AFL-CIO Building Trades Department) ..

Couzens Hall’s makeover: massive, and mostly unseen

ANN ARBOR – Couzens Hall’s nice brick exterior will look about the same when a major ongoing renovation project is complete in June. Likewise, there won’t be that many physical changes to the layout of the interior of the hall, especially on the upper floors, which provides housing for some 600 students. ..

Another drop for union membership

(By Mark Gruenberg, PAI Staff Writer) ..