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Building Condat plant is a smooth operation

SALINE - Manufacturing and industrial plant owners want their machinery's gears to mesh properly, they don't want their drill bits to overheat, and they want their motors to operate at peak efficiency. ..

OSHA slow to move sanitation Standard

An OSHA standard that would require hand-washing facilities on all construction sites is still a priority. But it depends on your definition of "priority." ..

'Senate Bill 32 is clearly about union busting'

By David Woodward
D-34th District
Michigan House

Milder climate for labor in D.C.

While Republican lawmakers were taking bites out of unions in Lansing in 1999, GOP lawmakers in Congress were barely nipping at labor's heels. ..

New union hall ready for action

SCIO TOWNSHIP - It's beginning to look a lot like a union hall. ..

Help wanted: Construction employment wide open through 2008

If you or someone you know is planning on staking out a career in construction over the next eight years…your skills are probably going to be in demand. ..

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10-year contract sets new record ..