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Michigan Construction Outlook 2005

As we flip the odometer on 2005, Michigan's unionized construction industry is still having trouble finding a solid foothold to climb out of the hole it is in. ..

Labor needs to look 'long and hard at what we are doing'


Sweeney acknowledges AFL-CIO changes, Teamsters suggest how

WASHINGTON (PAI) - Many in organized labor are seeking to change the mission and the structure of the AFL-CIO and its affiliate unions. ..

Innovative M-6 opens, complete with a 'spooey'

One year ahead of schedule, one of Michigan's largest transportation projects is complete. ..

Beware of the costs, consequences of 'fixing' Social Security


News Briefs

More road 'donors' on Senate panel
The battle to straighten out funding for construction and maintenance of the nation's roads and bridges probably won't be solved in Congress for months - but at least a majority of Senate lawmakers on a key committee will be sympathetic to states like Michigan. ..