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Piling on: Yet another study questions 'benefits' of prevailing wage repeal

A petition is currently being circulated statewide seeking to repeal Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act, and if it's successful, would eliminate more than 11,000 jobs, reduce economic output in the state by $1.7 billion, carve out $28 million from local and state tax revenue, and export nearly $700 million in construction investments out of state every year.  ..

Signature takers are likely to say anything to get names

Petition signature gatherers who are stationed across Michigan this summer - asking registered voters to sign a petition intended to repeal the Prevailing Wage Act of 1965 - are likely just as ignorant about the law as the general public. ..

What's On Tap- New Pipeline, Pumps, Key to new Water Plan


Obama Starts Push for Expanded Overtime pay

They say America needs a raise, and President Obama wants to give them one: more pay for about five million Americans, via a proposed change in federal rules that broadens the standard for who is eligible for overtime pay.  ..

A New Trade Vision is Sorely Needed

By Leo Gerard ..

Union Leaders laud Supreme Court on health care ruling

WASHINGTON (PAI) - By and large, union leaders applauded the U.S. Supreme Court's 6-3 ruling on June 25, keeping the Affordable Care Act’s federal individual payments for health care insurance subsidies for users of health care exchanges, state or federal. ..

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Senate Passes Bill to Fix Roads  ..