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Rulings show businesses enjoy stacked deck before Supreme Court

The same-sex marriage and voting rights act debates have dominated the news from the U.S. Supreme Court in recent weeks – but there’s much more going on up their black-robed sleeves.  ..

Supremes issue two employer-friendly rulings on worker harassment

Two Supreme Court rulings issued late last month have made it easier for employees to be harassed in the workplace and reduced the legal recourse those workers have to end harassment, the AFL-CIO said.  ..

Supreme Court to look at legality of NLRB mess


Trades take pains to restore, modernize old city hall

BAY CITY –  By the end of the year, the city's City Hall will be back in service, better than ever. ..

You’ll likely shrug at first contact with Affordable Care Act

This is the latest in a series of articles on the pending impact of the Affordable Care Act, on building trades union members.


Michigan, happily, broke its string of losing construction jobs in every month during 2013, eeking out a 0.9 percent gain in industry employment from April to May 2013. ..