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AFL-CIO endorses Clinton for president

WASHINGTON (PAI)—In a predictable decision, the AFL-CIO formally endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president on June 16. ..

Prevailing wage benefits play out on the border

The arguments against repealing statewide prevailing wage laws are many and varied - and now, surprisingly, there's a new one.  ..

Trades, Boldt fire up new plant for Wolverine Power

Speaker Ryan's manifesto seeks curbs on new union-friendly rules

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer

Affordable Care Act brings a variety of benefits and drawbacks to health care

By Paul O. Catenacci
Law firm of Novara Tesija, P.L.L.C

Speedier union election rules upheld by appeals court

A U.S. appeals court on June 11 upheld a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rule which speeds up the union election process. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the NLRB did not exceed its authority in issuing the rule that allows employees to vote on union representation 11 days after a petition for representation is filed.  ..

Early lag in 2016 stunts Michigan construction

Early lag in 2016 stunts Michigan construction ..